Wrongful Termination, Employment Discrimination Attorney for Employees

 The Law Offices of    THOMAS C. WALKER            Attorney and Counselor at Law

Tom Walker    [email protected]                                                                                         (925) 264-1212

    I am a 100% dedicated employment & ERISA law practitioner for employment law matters. With start-up to Fortune company experience in Northern California, my practice routinely represents clients in getting results through negotiation, coaching, civil litigation, arbitration & mediation involving discrimination and wrongful termination claims,  nondisclosure agreements, and assisting clients with separation strategy and severance.  I have litigated numerous employment claims pertaining to wrongful terminations, sexual harassment, race/religious/disability discrimination, mis-classification,  breach of employment contracts and ERISA fiduciary duties, as well as completing countless hearings and government agency audits.  

    My professional background includes leading a top tier consulting practice, Governor for the Society of Human Resources Management,  Adjunct Professor of "Employment Law" SVU Law School, ... and as a contract negotiator for the Brotherhood of Teamster (in the distant past). I am a past member of the Contra Costa & Santa Clara County Bar Associations, and a current member of the American Association of University Professors.


Tom's practice has evolved a coaching and consultation service for employees seeking strategy and guidance for their employment separations and transitions. Besides decades of experience leading employees through performance changes, Tom's coaching exposure includes the Harvard's Executive Leadership Program and the Barry Pogoral's Transformational Leadership Program as well as Board level experience with Fortune 500 company executives.


Tom's youth was spent on Meadow Island and in Queens, New York. He relocated to San Diego, Calif. at age 20 where he finished college and law school. His wife Susan was a student at a rival law school in San Diego, and since meeting they have been married for more than 35 years. Tom & Susan's three adult children live in Reno, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Tom's family are avid cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.  

Primary Office, Pleasanton, CA